We’re actively working on multiple fronts to create a safer and more reliable experience both on and off transit. Muni Forward brings together in one place the long list of projects and planning efforts underway to achieve this vision.

Informed by the Transit Effectiveness Project, route changes and service improvements are being implemented to reallocate limited resources where they are needed most. Implementation and expansion of a Rapid Network of core routes serving nearly 70% of all riders is providing a whole new level of more frequent and reliable service. Updating our transit fleet and making important safety and accessibility improvements across the city, combined with the WalkFirst projects, is helping us to better accommodate the needs of families, seniors, and the disabled, and enhance comfort and safety for all our customers while aligning with the City’s Vision Zero goals. Using technology more effectively by improving the integration of our transit system with traffic signals and bringing more real-time information to our customers is making our transit system smarter, safer, and more reliable.


see our progress

Our interactive map shows the many projects underway to improve transit across the city. Click on a line to learn more about improvements that will be coming in your neighborhood.



We have many projects underway that will improve service, make connections easier, increase the reliability along our most heavily used routes, and improve accessibility. Watch our short video to learn how we’re making it easier and safer to get around San Francisco. New projects will be rolled out in the future as well, so check back often for updates!



Muni Forward projects have already hit the street. Check out some of the facts about our recent improvements to see how we’re making transit work better in San Francisco. We’re excited to bring more and more improvements across the city!