Muni Forward Improvements Are Underway And There’s More To Come!

We’re working hard to create a cohesive Rapid Network, improve the rider experience, make the Muni system smarter and more efficient, and enhance safety and access to help our riders get where they need to go. Check out some of these Muni Forward facts to learn how recent improvements have delivered.

new muni routes launched this year to connect riders to new destinations across san francisco
250+ new upgraded buses now in service
215 light rail vehicles (LRVs)
5,070 san franciscans have made their voices heard so far on muni forward improvements
305000 san franciscans more frequent service
400 transit priority signals holding the green light and speeding up your ride. 300 of these transit priority signals were installed in the last 2 years
40 miles of red transit-only lanes planned for installation in the coming years
105 wider sidewalks at intersections coming soon to make our streets safer for pedestrians
9 improved wider-sidewalks at transit stops already installed across san francisco to make rides safer and more efficient. 65 improved, wider sidewalks at transit stops planned for installation over the next few years.
95 percent of san franciscans live within a quarter mile - about two blocks - of a muni stop