Improving Reliability

MF_Reliability_1_130702_690_BartStrikeEvery day, we’re working to modernize the Muni network to make it safer and more reliable for our customers. Recent service increases in April 2015 are benefiting over 165,000 riders, and more service increases are coming soon. Once we’re done, the result will be a better Muni network for today’s San Francisco.


MF_Reliability_2_120723_042_SunsetTunnelWe know increased service makes a difference and we’re working to provide more service for our rapidly growing city. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) Board of Directors, which oversees Muni, approved a 12% increase in service that will be implemented over the next year (by early 2016). Recent service increases in April and September 2015 have already resulted in increased frequency and reduced crowding on some of the most popular routes.


Muni Red CarpetThe recently installed red transit-only lanes for the J Church and the 22 Fillmore have received rave reviews. Our customers enjoy rolling past the lines of cars and realizing better transit service achieved at minimal cost. We’re adding more of these lanes and installing Transit Signal Priority on many routes and lines to give increase transit travel time and reliability.


In 2008, the SFMTA started a pilot Transit-Only Lane Enforcement (TOLE) program that uses cameras on board buses to enforce transit-only parking violations.

The TOLE program is authorized under state law and efforts are now underway to reauthorize the program to ensure that it will continue to support Muni Forward and the City and County of San Francisco’s investment in transit-priority streets. Learn more about TOLE


In addition to recent service increases, new and adjusted bus routes are providing more direct connections to other regional transit systems (like BART) and strengthening transit links between neighborhoods.

Additional route changes are being evaluated and will be coming soon.  See a list of all route changes.


MF_Reliability_2_120723_042_SunsetTunnelRecent infrastructure investments such as new transit bulbs at McAllister and 30th are helping improve safety by making it safer and easier to get on and off buses and trains. Additional infrastructure investments will soon be implemented across the Muni network to help Muni operate faster and more reliably on the street.


On April 25, 2015, we launched service improvements that directly benefited 165,000 daily Muni riders. We rolled out our second round of service increased on September 26, 2015.

These improvements will be funded through the San Francisco Transportation and Road Improvement Bond – Proposition A, approved by voters in 2014. Prop A was a recommendation proposed in San Francisco’s Transportation2030. Learn more about Transportation 2030.


More than 20 percent of Muni customers take the Muni Metro subway. We’re working hard to improve the frequency and reliability of subway service. Two major projects have improved the performance of Metro service at key points in the subway by re-laying track. There’s still more to do to make the subway better, so we’re making investments to:

  • Allow for two trains to unload at the same time on a platform (double stopping)
  • Upgrade the automatic train control system to provide better reliability
  • Reduce train delays entering and exiting subway tunnels through improved training and supervision of operators
  • Improve the rail infrastructure for trains to make it safer and faster in the subway
  • Have mobile mechanics onsite in the subway during rush hours to more quickly address repairs when trains breakdown in the subway