Route Changes


At SFMTA we’re working hard to make it easier for Muni riders to get around San Francisco and giving our riders what they value most—their time!

Earlier this spring, we launched our new “Rapid Network,” prioritizing frequency and reliability along San Francisco’s most heavily used routes. We also launched the first of a series of four planned service increases which directly benefited 165,000 customers! Next month, we’re implementing the second round of service improvements for Muni routes across the city to help achieve our vision for a safer, smarter, more convenient, and more comfortable transportation system in San Francisco.

When these new upgrades launch on September 26th, Muni riders will start to see service improvements like:

  • Brand new buses to make for a smoother, more comfortable ride
  • Increased frequency and shorter wait times between buses on some of our most heavily used routes
  • Larger buses on our crowded Express routes
  • Expanded service hours in response to what we’ve heard from riders, including earlier and later Muni pick-ups
  • Updated routes with new expanded connections across San Francisco

When fully implemented, our newest Muni improvements are expected to provide more frequent transit service to 140,000 Muni riders.

Here’s a sneak peek at the improvements we’re launching on September 26th:

Better buses all around!

We’re going the extra mile by replacing the entire Muni fleet over the coming years. This September you’ll see 30 new 60’ hybrid electric motor coaches on the street, and seven new 60’ trolley coaches! Already we have 116 new buses in service, and we’re just getting started—we’re bringing in new 60’ trolley’s every week for the next 18 months!


We heard you, and we’re increasing the frequency of our buses and metro cars along our most heavily used routes — meaning shorter wait times for you at your Muni stop. In particular, you’ll see additional train cars added on the K Ingleside and T Third lines during your morning and evening commutes, and on the N Judah during your morning commute. We’re pleased to also increase service frequency on the following bus routes: 1 California, 9R San Bruno Rapid, 18 46th Avenue, 21 Hayes, 22 Fillmore, 24 Divisadero, 43 Masonic, and 57 Parkmerced.


We know everyone wants more room on Muni during rush hour. Riders along two of our Express Routes will be getting larger buses to better accommodate large rush hour crowds — we’re adding larger buses along the 1AX California Express during the morning commute and the 14X Mission Express during both the morning and evening commutes.


The early bird gets the worm, and we’re pleased to offer morning riders more service on two more lines! We’re expanding morning service hours on the 14X Mission Express so service starts at 6:15am and extending our morning service on the 38AX/BX Geary Express to 9:10am.


We’re updating a handful of Muni routes to help riders make new connections between neighborhoods across the city. These improved routes are intended to increase the on-time performance of our buses, improve safety, and enhance how our riders are accessing Muni. We’ll be out talking to riders and sharing information along the following Muni routes about how these new connections may change up your commute: 7X Noriega Express, 9/9R San Bruno,  18 46th Avenue, 28/28R 19th Avenue, 29 Sunset, 43 Masonic, and 57 Parkmerced.

Our goal for these improvements is to help move Muni forward and make getting around San Francisco safer and more convenient—and we need to hear from you. Tell us what changes you would like to see! Please share your thoughts, concerns, and hopes for the future of transportation in San Francisco at

You can also learn more about our plans for Muni Forward with accessible and easy-to-download project information at